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So I lied. I thought I would add some Hip-Hop remixes but found a bunch of decent rock/pop remixes done well. Most of them are from the golden age of the 80’s, because we ALL know that the best music is from the “Eighties”, though they are some stretching a wee bit back and some into this century as well. Continuing a tradition, maybe not since a tradition cannot be one post old, here are five more of some great remixes, with a nostalgic twist. Enjoy…

White Wedding by Billy Idol remixed by Virgin Magnetic Material

Billy Idol was big, kind of like an idol! Massive actually in the UK and relatively well-known in the US. This number was part of his self titled album in 1982, called surprise surprise ‘Billy Idol’. The remix has taken a catchy number and elevated it. Starting off slow and then hitting us with Idol’s deep-throated vocals it stays true to the original, remixing it with just the right amount of tweak. I haven’t heard much of VMM, but maybe its time or it’s truly a ‘nice day to start again’.

Hotel California by The Eagles remixed by Pied Piper Progressive 2012

So it had to come to this. Take one of the most famous tracks of all time, I’m sure even the Guju Aunty in Surat knows this one and remix it in a trippy way, which actually works. Hotel California is a song from the Eagles’ self- titled album released as a single on February 1977. The original is pretty much almost perfect, the lyrics being interpreted in about 1245 different ways be legions of fans and music critics. My interpretation is pretty straight forward, it’s the spiral into a drug induced life. No sorry, it’s about being trapped in purgatory. No sorry, its..never mind, interpret it any way you want or stick with what the band said, its about “The high life in Los Angeles”. Right. This particular remix stays close to the original, just adds a bit of chill into the mix.

Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees remixed by K Theory & TYR

My most unfavorite uncle once said that music was ruined forever by the advent of Disco, and specifically by the Bee Gees. Even if he was partly right, because he was really  an extremely opinionated man I chose not to agree. Stayin’ Alive burst into the scene along with John Travolta on the soundtrack of ‘Saturday Night Fever’ in 1977, and the world was never the same. Remixing a 140 bpm song from the past for now is not easy but they have truly dressed it with an electro beat, some deep bass & some Princesque funk. Might want you to break out the tight white trousers and open 3 buttons on your satiny polyester shirt!

Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana remixed by DJs from Mars

From one song that changed music to one band that ushered in alternative rock to mainstream consciousness. Nirvana. And to THIS song, that was in every single mix tape/CD in the 90’s. Lots has been written about the song and what it meant for a MTV generation of youth, beyond all the analysis its an instant classic. Remixing it with an electro twist which kicks in at about 2 minute mark, DJs from Mars have amped it in just the right way. Kurt Cobain’s angst vocals are not messed in, and the guitar riffs don’t recede, the remix is here to “Entertain Us”.

In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins remixed by Vintage Culture

2Pac did it. Nas did it. DMX did it. Eminem referenced to it. That makes it one of the coolest songs from the 80’s, off Phil Collins, ‘Face Value’ 1981 album and one of the better ones to remix. This one takes it in a deeper darker direction, beautifully mixed. The depth and drum beats of the original are overlaid by a cool electro rhythm making it eminently likeable and worth hearing again and again. My favourite of the 5 here.

In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins remixed by Cosmo Black

Bonus: Since I really like In the Air Tonight here’s a more upbeat remix. Move a bit cause this is an almost perfect dance number, remixed flawlessly. Man the 80’s were truly awesome for music!

Will be back with some more..hip hop remixes this time I think. Till then, to quote the quotable, “Can you feel it coming in the air tonight“, too cheesy?


The better Electro & Deep House remixes of songs we know

Hip-Hop artists have used samples of classic songs for years, 2 Pac, Kanye & Jay-Z doing it more successfully than others. Electro & Deep House have not been far behind, putting out some great remixes out there, some bootleg versions, others authorised. While everyone has their favourites, here are five of mine. Enjoy..

State Trooper by Bruce Springsteen remixed by Trentemøller

Pure gold from Trentemøller, remixing one of Springsteen’s earlier hits of his 1982 album ‘Nebraska’. Haunting beats that can be heard over and over, am surprised that more remixes are not out there, Springsteen’s voice lends itself well to deep cuts.

Wicked Games by Chris Issak (Adriatique & Thyladomid Edit)

More than the song I remember the video with Helena Christensen in the nude cavorting on a black and white beach. Surprisingly the video did not move the song up, however it was used in the movie Wild at Heart, which then catapulted it up all the way up the charts. The remix keeps the original melody and just added the right beats to make it here. Good way to ease in to the night.

Babe I’m Gonna Leave You by Led Zeppelin(Quivver Mix ) Paul Oakenfold 

To make yourself really unpopular you take a classic from one of the biggest rock gods out there and…remix it. Except these guys took it to another level – Oakie just owned this one. Kept the original purity there and amped it to the right degree. Trippy all the way, available on the Perfecto Presents Another World – CD 1.

Everything In Its Right Place (Gigamesh Remix) by Radiohead

For every fan there’s a critic of Radiohead. Maybe its a karmic cycle. In this case its hard to find fault with a brilliant remake of their classic from the Kid A album. Certified Platinum, the album broke a host of records, and was Radiohead’s foray into a more electronic sound, which is probably why the remix works so well.

I’m On Fire (Cousin Cole’s Bad Desire Remix) by Bruce Springsteen

Another classic from the Boss, of the Born in the USA album. Not as innocent as it sounds, the lyrics point to a more sinister underage sexual abuse problem more than pure lust. Staying true to the original with just the right amount of continuity & enhancement of the guitar this lends itself well to starting the night off, or enjoying a sunset.

Will be back with some of the hip-hop samplers & remixes, enjoy the music.